Skip class cuz I don’t feel too good… Ahhh I feel much better now.

On the anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, I performed “Letter to the Israelites” to a women’s empowerment banquet in your honor. RIP Teta. (at Campus Center at UMass Boston)

The first time I learned about DoubleTree cookies was sophomore year when I was having a bad day. A friend of mine wanted to cheer me up and claimed that he knew of a cookie that would put me in a good mood no matter what. Didn’t know that the next time I’d have one of these would be right before I graduate, in Boston, after checking into my DoubleTree hotel room to perform at an event the next day.

Boston I’m hereee! Just touched the ground to do a spoken word performance at UMass-Boston tomorrow night. #BostonStrong (at Boston Logan International Airport)

I’ve never been more in love with anything, alhamdellah.

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