Quote IconSoon we will be strangers. No, we can never be that. Hurting someone is an act of reluctant intimacy. We will be dangerous acquaintances with a history.

Hanif Kureishi

This clown was Queen Beyonce’s man for 9 years and she was crazy about him, and apparently wrote Dangerously in Love for him. Then, he cheated on her because he couldn’t handle how major she was becoming. After he told her about his whack ass, he thought he’d have time to get his act together and they’d get back together, but by then Beyonce — as Queens usually do — had recognized her worth and was long gone from this joker.

Not sure how guys like that can live with themselves lmao. #liferegret how dumb can they beeee !?

Dina Tokio loves American burgers 🙊 Had sooo much fun going out with her on her first night in NYC, such a humble sweetheart…. But ummm I think we need to bring her out to Rutgers this week, amirite? 😉

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